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About Us

A brief about our team, mission & vision.

We, the Kathotsav Network, are a a small team of web-enthusiasts, from different walks of life, age groups, and professional expertise - with a common cause, to further our ventures.
This venture is managed by an all-female team headed by Ms. Rohini Sharma, CEO. Under her able leadership, we are driven by excellence and empowered by experience. Together, as a team, we are proud to present our ventures - both the "7000BCE Series" and "Classic Youngsters Series".
Our collective vision is to provide free access to information that are available to us for ages. We are committed to quality content without bias, a practical approach to interpretations, and a non-diplomatic, no-nonsense dictation of possibilities. We strive to present a true as-is understanding and encourage our viewers to appreciate our efforts and act accordingly.
Through our somewhat relaxed but committed working environment, we have a unified professional objective in furthering this venture, and complementing each other to grow as a team and share responsibilities.
Apart from our core team, we are previledged to be supplemented by a number of freelancers through various tasks and activities - at times, taking over roles that outweigh our own roles. "Our team" cannot be defined with exclusion to the numerous dedicated freelancers whose constant support and behind-the-scene activities make this venture a reality.
Because end of the day, we are not just a group of professionals, we are a team of believers!
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